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AndChat - IRC Live Chat Android App

IRC Live Chat Info & Technická podpora / IRC Live Chat Info & Technical support

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IRC Live Chat Info & Technická podpora / IRC Live Chat Info & Technical support

Sekcia fóra venovaná IRC Live Chatu, ak sa chceš jednoducho pripojiť, klikni chat.BRUT.me
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AndChat - IRC Live Chat Android App

Postby Brut » 13 May 2015, 02:14

Download via GooglePlay


*program bol v januári 2018 bez akéhokoľvek vysvetlenia stiahnutý z Google play a znefunkčnená bola aj jeho webstránka, AndChat sťahuje priamo odtiaľto
*the program was in january 2018 without any explanations removed from Google Play and it's website was made unavailable, download AndChat directly from here

AndChat v (8. April, 2013)
(535.27 KiB) Downloaded 86 times

Version 2.1<

Version can access:

read the contents of your USB storage
modify or delete the contents of your USB storage


read the contents of your USB storage
modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

Wi-Fi connection information

view Wi-Fi connections


view network connections
full network access
control vibration
prevent device from sleeping

* = Bug Fix
+ = Added new
! = Changed
# = Improvement

Version (08/04/2013):
* Avoid crashing the entire app when message parsing fails
* Avoid using UI thread for network operations
* Fix notification light not being activated
* Fix messages not updating after turning screen on
* Fix for crash when using /mode on a channel not joined to

Version (19/03/2013)
* Fixed invisible nicks
* Fixed crash after opening post-update
* Fixed scrolling issue

Version 1.4.3 (13/03/2013):
---- Dropped support for Android 1.6 - 2.0 ----
* Fixed bug with slash commands
* Fixed bug after importing backed up data
* Fixed bug with messages scrolling to the top
* Fixed issue with userlist on Android 3.0+
! Re-organised server details screen
+ Added Samsung multi-screen support
+ Added changing font size of channel switcher
+ Added support for Carbon Backup tool
+ Added font options (Settings->Interface)
+ Added nick colours
+ Added support for choosing server authentication method
+ Added option to show/hide 'Send' button
+ Added option to always keep screen on
+ Added indicator to show current channel on sidebar
+ Added long press menu to channel list sidebar
+ Added some debugging options to assist in finding problems
# White icon used on Android v11+ as recommended by guidelines
# 'Extra highlights' option now takes ',' as separator rather than spaces
# Show disconnect confirmation on Android 3.0+
# /j now works with or without # prefix on channel name
# UI tweaks for larger devices

Version (18/12/2012):
* Fix crashes while sending some slash commands
* Hopefully fixed a number of rare and difficult to reproduce crashes
+ Added 1 time dialog which tells how to toggle the side panels on Android 3.0+

Version 1.4.2 (17/12/2012):
+ Added quick channel switching for Android 3.0+ devices
+ Show sections in nick list when scrolling (Android 2.3 & below)
+ Added launcher icon for Nexus 10 density
+ Added bezel swipe to show channel & userlist, and swipe to hide
* Completion suggestions now hidden before keyboard is
* Bug & crash fixes
# Show password error messages inline to input box
# Userlist remembers if you hid it and won't automatically open (Android 3.0+)
# Tweaked size of userlist on Android 3.0+
# Notification icon now only shows after connecting to server
! Userlist button removed for Android 3.0+ devices (use toggle on the side)
! Preferences re-organized

Version 1.4.1 (27/07/2012):
* Userlist for Homeycomb/ICS is less buggy
* Improved legacy userlist, easier options access
* Rare status prefixes (e.g. !) handled correctly
* Improve compatibility with BNCs
# UI is much faster
# Longer text buffer
# UI tweaked
# Platform matching colours
+ Update PM session tab name when other user changes nick
+ Added ignore support (see /ignore & /unignore and menu->Ignore list)
+ Added 'Send' button
+ Nick completion possible with Search image in chat UI
+ Text sizes configurable (Settings->Chat)
+ Added Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) support

Version (11/05/2012):
* Crash fix for when opening add/edit server screen

Version (26/04/2012):
* Crash fix for Honeycomb devices

Version 1.4 (25/04/2012):
+ Added ability to 'Add' selected nicks to input box from user list for Honeycomb+ devices
* Fixed receiving PM causing jump to Status window
* Fixed multi-line pastes not working
* Fixed issues with typing history and tab complete
* Fixed crash on Android 1.6 (Donut)
* Fix issues when backup import fails
* Fix for disconnect issue on a specific server
* Many backend improvements and fixes
+ Added text copy support (Menu->Copy Text)
+ Added option to selectively apply changed defaults to all server profiles (Settings->Server->Apply)
+ Randomize default nick and user names with random number suffix
! Reduced space used by userlist on 10" tablets
! Removed 'Server Info' dialog in chat screen
! Removed IRCNet from server list until round robin server is found for it
# Improve handling of text and colour limits
# Show notification when lock screen is active and screen is on
# Clear notification automatically when chat UI shown after passing lock screen
# Improve swiping to switch channels
# Disconnect menu now requests confirmation for avoid accidental disconnect
# Selection style for user list selection (Honeycomb+) updated
# More ActionBar-ification of screens on Gingerbread and below
# Launcher, in app icon and notifications now match ICS theme
# Various layouts updated for Honeycomb style
# Show current nickname in chat title bar

Version (24/01/2012):
* Added fix for disappearing text from input box
* Crash fix for Android 3.0+
+ Added option for scrolling input history via volume keys (Settings->Chat->Misc)
# Disable userlist icon when userlist is unavailable
# Improve parser to avoid crashes
# Support for Android 4.0.3

Version (03/12/2011):
* Revert chat buffer tweaks to fix disappearing text
# Use icon as back button in settings screens for Honeycomb+ devices

Version 1.3.9 (27/11/2011):
+ Added support for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
! Dropped support for Android 1.5 (Cupcake)
+ Added custom ActionBar when being used on Android 2.3 or below
* Fix animation only playing once when toggling userlist in Honeycomb+
* Fix crash when entering password
# Use ActionBar icon as back button in Honeycomb+
# Save userlist visibility between orientation changes in Honeycomb+
# Tweak userlist animation on Honeycomb
# Tweak number of lines kept in buffer in chat screen
# Timeout option now takes input as seconds rather than milliseconds
# Show not connected status in notification

Version 1.3.8 (15/10/2011):
+ Added first run set up screens to ease the pain for new users
+ Added option for volume key handling & server switching (Settings->Chat)
+ Added jumping to chat screen when only 1 server is active
* Fix bug in phone userlist's multiple nick selection
* Fix not using correct values in a server profile under certain conditions
* Fix jumpy userlist on tablets
* Hide 'You should never see this' message from Android framework
* Fix channel change which selecting nick from suggestions
* Numerous other changes & fixes
# Changed auto reconnect & give up behaviour, a successful connection for 1 minute will reset the failure count
# Improve handling of messages from some bncs & servers
# Updated icons for platform/dpi combinations
# Updated status bar notification layout to conform to platform standard
! Changed look of several dialogs

Version 1.3.7 (23/07/2011)
+ Added support for Android 3.2
+ Added support for 7" tablets
* Fixed looping thread bug on 3.x
* Fix crash on 3.x in chat screen
* Fix empty list after deleting last server
! Renamed scrollback option to be clearer
# Added user management options to user list on 3.x
# Added support for nick completion with tab key
# Added animation to user list on 3.x
+ Added user list toggling on 3.x

Version (31/05/2011)
* Fix for crash on Honeycomb devices

Version 1.3.6 (30/05/2011)
+ Added support for Android 3.1
+ Added user list on chat screen for Android 3.x devices
* Fix crash in UTF-8 detection
* Fixed issues with channel names containing masks
# Improvements to logging (replace illegal filename chars)

Version 1.3.5 (06/03/2011):
+ Added compatibility for Honeycomb (Android 3.0)
+ Changed styling to match Honeycomb
* Fixed occasional disconnects affecting some BNCs
* Fix issues with some irc channel names
* Fix crash occuring after update to new version
* Fix issue with logs
* Fixed misc. crashes
# Improved SASL handling
# Small UI changes across all platforms
+ Added option to completely disable notifications for some events
! Completely revamped add/edit server screen

Version (09/01/2011):
* Fix broken notifications

Version 1.3.4 (08/01/2011):
* Fixed occasional freeze
* Crash fix for when editing a protected server
* Fixed crash during backup
* Crash fix for /invite
* Fix VK not showing on DPAD press on input box
* Fix for disappearing input box text with virtual keyboards
* Fix for not logging channels with '/'s in them
* Fix layout issues in add server screen
* Fix for /unban not working on multiple nicks
* Fixes for dodgy command parsing
* Fix for data corruption on importing data
* Fixed crashes for some servers
# Improved UTF-8 detection
# Added greater control over notifications
# Much needed optimization to data import added
+ Added SASL support (PLAIN)

Version 1.3.3 (10/10/2010):
* Fix for filter not clearing from main screen
* Various crash fixes
+ Added backing up and importing data & preferences (Settings->Data Backup)
+ Added UTF-8 detection for incoming messages when using non-UTF-8 charset (Thanks Guillaume & Johan)
# Can now close a specific window with /wc, e.g. /wc nickserv
# Removed phone state permission (yay) - can get call state without using permission

Version (27/07/2010):
* Fix for input box losing focus on physical keyboard devices

Version 1.3.2 (24/07/2010):
* Fixed freeze during calls
* Fixed keyboard not hiding after sending message in landscape orientation
* Fix /notice only showing first word
+ Added /kb support (KickBan) in chat window (supports multiple nicks)
+ Can now stop auto reconnect which kicks in when disconnected via chat window menu
# Increase reconnect delay each time, max delay is 30s
# Selecting names in Userlist shows op commands
# Rewritten mode change parsing to handle complex cases
# Fixed numerous issues with threads

Version (01/06/2010):
* Fixed input box focus issues
* Fixed crash on empty message (regression)
* Fixed rare crash in chat window
# Parser handles unparsable messages better (fixes crashes)
# Userlist name sorting improved

Version 1.3.1 (30/05/2010):
* Fix for bypassing password prompt on load
* Fixed crashes in chat window
* Fixed layout bug in add server screen on hdpi devices
* Fixed crash when port < 0 || port > 65535
+ Added support for enabling/disabling logging on a per server basis (see edit server screen, default: on)
+ Added option to separate logs by year and month or year, month and day (options->chat logs)
+ Added WHOIS option in userlist when name is long pressed
+ Added option to disable toast notifications when using volume keys (options->chat->misc. [bottom])
+ Added support for moving app to sd card in Android 2.2 (FroYo)
# Notifications temporarily muted during phone calls (required new permission: phone state & identity)
# Improved compatibility with Android 2.1
# Improvements to logging code
# Logs information shows size in MB if logs are >=1024 KB
# For nick complete, all the possible matches are now shown in a scrollable container
# For nick complete, the text size is now bigger to make selections easier
# For nick complete, the nicks are sorted alphabetically
# Tested for compatibility with Android 2.2 (FroYo)

Version 1.3.0 (25/04/2010):
* Fixed autorun/autojoin not working sometimes (Thanks Cliff)
* Fixed volume switching messing up for some server names (Thanks Cliff)
+ Added chat logging to sdcard (work in progress)
# Volume switching expanded to continue from last/first when first/last reached

Version 1.2.9 (20/04/2010):
* Fixed crash when selecting name in user list screen
* Various small fixes and improvements
* Fixed issues with orientation change
+ Option for setting number of reconnect attempts (Options->Server)
+ Added switching between servers with volume keys
+ What's new dialog added (only shows once)
! (Dis)Connect shortcut changed to menu+g to avoid conflict with copy/paste shortcuts
! Experimental option no longer experimental - moved to Server Settings
# Much improved Scrollback code to prevent loss of text via accidental dpad press
# Blue arrows show up when message received in tab not in view
# Scrollbars now only show up when text area is long pressed

Version (09/03/2010):
* Fixed text size not being set correctly
* Fixed crash when scrollback limit is 0 (Thanks Martin)

Version 1.2.8 (20/02/2010):
* Various minor bug fixes
* Fixed not being able to join password protected chan after kick
* Fixed KICK command not being parsed correctly for some servers
* Fixed being unable to close a tab after being kick
* Thread issue fixed
+ Customizable notification tone added
+ Added option to disable auto-correction/auto-capitalization
+ When highlighted in channel out of view, arrow pops up to tell you
# New icons (Thanks Umair!)
# Tweaks to ensure service is killable when no servers connected
# Donate version now available!

Version 1.2.7 (20/01/2010):
* Fixed crash if preference value is too large
* Bug fixes for nick complete
* Bug fix for when editing a protected server
* Bug fixes for notification settings
* Bug fix for when soft keyboard opens up (Thanks Coda)
+ Added support for highlighting multiple nicks/words (Options > Other > Extra nicks)
+ Experimental feature (Others > Other > Experimental) to enable detection of connection
changes and reconnect appropriately. NOTE: As a result of this, it has become necessary
to add the "ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE" permission.
# You can now choose 'Complete Nick' after long pressing the text input box.
(Useful for no keyboard phones or those who don't have search button
accessible in different orientations)
# Userlist names sorted alphabetically (only those without status in channel)
# Channel tabs sorted alphabetically
# /m can now be used instead of /msg (/msg still works)
# Tested for compatibility with Android 2.1

Version (23/12/2009):
* Fix for CyanogenMod
* Other minor fixes
# Added support for notices sent to nicks with a certain status (e.g. /notice @#foo message)

Version 1.2.6 (18/12/2009):
* Bug fixes for private messaging
* Several thread related bugs fixed
* Other small fixes
+ When joining a channel, it says how many users, ops, voices, etc
# Removed wake lock, should improve battery life (wifi lock is still used)
# Reconnect now waits 5 seconds between attempts to allow network connectivity to recover.
You can force it to reconnect immediately by using the Menu->Reconnect.
# When discarding new/changed server profile info, it will ask for confirmation

Version 1.2.5 (14/12/2009):
* Fixed links not receiving focus when clicked
* Bug fixes and improvements for nick complete
+ Added auto correction and capitalisation to input box
+ Added context menu to tabs when tab is long pressed
+ Added context menu to user list when name is long pressed
+ Adding changing tabs via swipe gesture in text area
# Quit messages now also hidden (in addition to join/part) if option is enabled
# Input box in chat window is now single line only
# Notifications now throttled (1 per 5 seconds) to avoid annoyance when
highlighted a lot in one go

Version 1.2.4 (08/12/2009):
* Fixed crashes with certain channels
+ Added ability to hide join/part messages

Version 1.2.3 (04/12/2009):
* Fixed issues with some servers
* Virtual Keyboard should only open when requested on HTC Hero
(keyword: should, no idea if the setting will be respected)
* Other minor fixes
# Tested for compatibility for Android 2.0.1

Version 1.2.2 (01/12/2009):
--- Requires Cupcake (1.5) as minimum ---
* Fixed crash on some servers
* Fixed typo in Help dialog
* Misc. bug fixes
+ Added ability to completely disable notifications (Options->Other->Notifications)
# Improvements to interface for non-touchscreen/tracker ball only use
# Now Notification Bar friendly, multiple notifications shown in one
! Preferences layout changed around a bit

Version 1.2.1 (27/11/2009):
* Bug fixes for autoreconnect
* Fixed bug for when using password prompt on load option
+ New menu option (Help)

Version 1.2 (25/11/2009):
* Fixed crash under some situations
* Fixed issues with notice messages
* Some other minor bug fixes
+ Added ability to pause autorun command execution so previous command
can be fully processed by server (syntax: sleep delay-in-ms)
+ Added reconnect on disconnect (on by default, autoreconnects max 3 times to avoid loop)
# Channels with highlight show tab in different colour
# Notifications for server disconnects respect notifications settings before
vibrating/playing sound
#/notice messages sent by user now shown on screen

Version 1.1.2 (19/11/2009):
* Crash fix for when joining some channels
* A large influx of messages should no longer cause the UI to freeze (e.g. /list)
+ Added rejoining to all previously joined channels when reconnecting

Version 1.1.1 (17/11/2009):
* /msg force close fix

Version 1.1 (16/11/2009):
--- First Market release ---
* Various wake and wifi lock releasing fixes
* Better compatibility with Droid phones (hopefully, untested on Droid)
* Various small bug fixes
* Support for saving name selections from UserList to ChatWindow re-added
+ Support for different encodings/charsets. Can be chosen when adding or editing server.
+ Channel messages indicated using a different colour then other events (parts, joins, etc) (ticket #5)
! Menu in ChatWindow changed to replace 'Back' option with server information dialog

Version 1.0 (21/10/2009):
* Fixed crash when used with Bip.
* Fixed bug where notification isn't made when highlighted and screen is off
+ New Autosuggest system
+ Added support for new screen sizes supported in Donut (tested: QVGA [HTC Tattoo] and WVGA854)
+ Notification shown when app is open - shows how many connections, connection errors, etc.
Will also vibrate and make sound on disconnect when screen is off.
# Autosuggest reworked: New Menu option for UserList, Search button
produces suggestions in chatwindow
! More text colour changes

Version 0.15 (30/09/2009):
* Fixed crash when using /j 0 (see ticket #1)
* Fixed ~ in ZNC partyline chans causing crash (see ticket #2)
* Fixed messages being dropped for some channels (see ticket #3)
* Misc. other small bug fixes
# Autorun field is now executed before autojoin (see ticket #6)
# Tested for compatibility with Android Donut (Android 1.6)

Version 0.14 Beta (12/07/2009):
* /w now works correctly
* /wc [-a] now works when disconnected
* Number of bugs related to encryption fixed
* Number of bugs related to orientation change fixed
* Fixed missing timestamp on first few lines of pm window
! Unbolded some text (for speed/efficiency reasons)

Version 0.13 Beta (03/07/2009):
* Fixed (regression) bug causing crash when nick already in use on server during auth
+ Added proper parsing of autorun commands. You can use all the commands supported internally by the app and a bit extra (see doc).

Version 0.12 Beta (29/06/2009):
* Fixed a bug with disconnection not working correctly
* Fixed crash when filtering with some characters
* Fixed a bug with PMs
* Other misc. bug fixes
+ Added support for notifications and new options for notifications (Options->Other->Notifications)
! Reorganized Other Settings screen

Version 0.11 Beta (23/06/2009):
* Fixed numerous bugs when encryption is used

Version 0.10 Beta (22/06/2009):
* UserList now takes suggestions from the main window and
sets the selected names in the box when it returns
* Misc. bug fixes
+ Added support for encrypting server details
in db when password is set for server

Version 0.09 Beta (18/06/2009) :
* Fixed inaccurate timestamps
* Fixed some more issues with timestamps (!)
* Fixed crash with expired ssl certs

Version 0.08 Beta (17/06/2009):
* Fixed bug where sending messages to channel with timestamps enabled didn't work
* Number of stability/anr bug fixes

Version 0.07 Beta (16/06/2009):
* Fixed bug where links are auto clicked
* Fixed incorrect parsing of names list for private channels
* Fixed currently being typed text being lost when changing to another window
* Fixed bugs with private messages
* Fixed misc. crashes
! Reenabled linkifying topics
+ Added timestamping of all messages (if enabled in Options)
+ New (better) Updater code (might be a bit dodgy still)
+ Now shows user status in a channel (op, voice, etc)
# Title for server list window changes according to the filter set

Version 0.06 Beta (14/06/2009):
! Disabling linkifying topic urls due a bug where it auto opens the link
+ Added link in 'About' to the website of friend who designed the GUI

Version 0.05 Beta (14/06/2009):
- First public release

Ako nastaviť AndChat aby sa pripojil k BRUT.me IRC Live Chat / How to setup AndChat to connect to BRUT.me IRC Live Chat

Po zapnutí aplikácie sa zobrazia rôzne predvolené profily. Tie nám netreba, kludne ich možte vymazat a vytvorit nový (ťuknutím na plus nad zoznamom profilov) s týmito hodnotami (najdôležitejšie su Adresa, Port a Autojoin). Meno a nicky si samozrejme zmeňte.
After the start You will see various default profiles. We do not need them, You can delete them all and create a new one (clicking on plus icon located above the list of profiles) using these settings (the most important are Address, Port and Autojoin). Change the name and nicks of course.




#AndChat #Download
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