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saradsmejem - 11 Feb 2019, 12:48
Vitaj :)
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feropero - 11 Feb 2019, 12:51
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saradsmejem - 21 Feb 2019, 09:02
@chorypotkan včera som už spal, dnes večer ceesko (y)
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saradsmejem - 27 Feb 2019, 00:35
@anni ahoj, nic konkretne noveho, popytal som sa, rozhodil siete a uz nam neostava nic len cakat, ak by si aj Ty nieco nove zistila, napis
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Brut - 18 Mar 2019, 01:56
Ivanych, no, I checked the logs and You were not playing on our server in the last 5 days, just doublechecked the server with a scan, but everything is allright at our side, You had to get it before, be carefull which servers You connect, play only on servers you know!
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saradsmejem - 18 Mar 2019, 07:44
here is an article about fake servers and the Belonard Troian "Dubbed Belonard, the Trojan named after its developer has been designed to gain persistence, replace the list of available game servers in the vulnerable game client installed on the infected systems, and create proxies to further spread the Trojan."
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saradsmejem - 01 Apr 2019, 15:07
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Brut - 22 Apr 2019, 08:38
Pekný Veľkonočný Pondelok prajem :) Veľa vody a dobrej nálady, nech ste všetky zdravé (y)
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saradsmejem - 25 Apr 2019, 08:03
hastafer čaves
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