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BRUT.me Opposing Force DeathMatch REAL/price/<BRUT>KROTKY_AK

UNBAN Requests

BRUT.me Opposing Force DeathMatch REAL/price/<BRUT>KROTKY_AK

Postby aminetube » 13 Jun 2020, 16:26

Nickname price
SteamID STEAM_0:0:1848637980
Steam Community ID 76561201657541688
IP address hidden
Ban type SteamID
Reason Repeated TeamPlay on DeathMatch Server, Camping /op4dm
Invoked on 11.06.2020 - 02:16:36
Ban length Permanent
Expires on Not applicable
Admin's SteamID hidden
Banned on Website


I didn't go wrong and I wasn't playing in a team. If I went wrong in the way I play, I ask Adam to forgive me and lift the ban on me
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Re: BRUT.me Opposing Force DeathMatch REAL/price/<BRUT>KROTK

Postby saradsmejem » 15 Jun 2020, 07:54

Sorry for the inconveniences and longer waiting, I had a rough weekend :) wasnt much online, I gave u both unban, but please, play fair, do not ignore each other and kill just others, I have checked logs and there were a lot of players who disconnected when u have been playing, I am not surprised, if u were playing such style like last time with me, so I ask You to play fair,& and do not rage, if the skill of players is too low for you, let them have fun and change the server to other our server, we have more of them, We have great servers becausese we take care of them and of the players... Have fun!

PS: And You no camping, You were the whole map, even two rouds camped on the one spot, please beware of such gameplay
Aktívne sa venujem Brutu, psychadelickej poézii a próze, sci-fi, hororovej, dobrodružnej a fantasy tvorbe, preto akékoľvek príspevky tu zverejnené, môžu byť ich priamou súčasťou. Každé slovo alebo veta, balansuje medzi úplnou pravdou a čírou fikciou, ktorá nemusí mať s realitou nič spoločné. Nikoho nenabádam na zlé, škaredé či brutálne, ani nenabádam k porušovaniu platnej legislatívy štátu či porušovaniu pravidiel BRUT.me a v prípade, že dôjde k nesprávnemu pochopeniu mojich príspevkov alebo zámernej dezinformácii založenej na ich podklade, nenesiem za dané konanie žiadnu zodpovednosť a iba sa na ňom smejem!
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