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PostPosted: 29 Apr 2013, 09:43
by Brut
* IRC Live Chat - The BEST Notepad Multiplayer * :)


IP Address : PORT

Oficiálne miestnosti IRC / Official channels IRC

#Bruti - Hlavná miestnosť / Main channel
#Brut - Backup miestnosť / Backup Channel
#Kviz - Nonstop Trivia Kviz //en
#HLDM - Half-Life DeathMatch REAL Server miestnosť / channel
#HLTP - Half-Life TeamPlay REAL Server miestnosť / channel
#OP4DM - Opposing Force DeathMatch REAL Server miestnosť / channel
#CS16 - Counter-Strike 1.6 CLASSIC Server miestnosť / channel
#CSGG - Counter-Strike 1.6 GUNGAME Server miestnosť / channel
#WDM - Wanted! DeathMatch REAL Server miestnosť / channel
#SCOOP - Sven Co-Op 4.8 CLASSIC Server miestnosť / channel
#JJ2COOP - BRUT Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Server miestnosť / channel
#BrutleNET - BrutleNET miestnosť / channel
#Chat - Chat miestnost / channel
#Pohoda - pamätná miestnosť pohody
#Zabava - pamätná miestnosť zábavy
#snv - miestnosť pre Spišiakov


Predvolené pripojenie cez web / Default web connect

Pripojenie cez rozšírenie webového prehliadača (Mozilla Firefox) / Connect using Web Browsers Extension (Mozilla Firefox)
(Viac INFO o užitočných Firefox doplnkoch nájdeš tu. / U can find more INFO about useful Firefox Extensions here).

Pripojenie sa pomocou externého programu (Android) / How to connect using external program (Android)

Pripojenie sa pomocou externého programu (Windows) / How to connect using external program (Windows)

Ďalšie programy pre pripojenie (klienti) pre Windows a ich porovnania / More windows programs for connecting (clients) and their comparison

Info o IRC / Info About IRC

IRC WIKIPEDIA //sk// //en// //cz//

Slovenské Príručky IRC

English IRC Manual

Základné IRC Príkazy / Basic IRC Commands
english: Dodatočné Príkazy v Oficiálnych Miestnostiach | Additional Commands in Official Channels

Half-Life Server Špecifické IRC Príkazy / Half-Life Server IRC Specific Commands
V miestnosti / In Channel - #HLDM, #HLTP, #OP4DM, #CS16, #CSGG, #WDM, #SCOOP
@cmds/@commands/@info/@help - Displays a list of commands usable in channel.
@players - Lists the players currently in the server.
@map - Display the current map.
@nextmap - Display the next map in the map cycle.
@timeleft - Display the time left on the current map.
@ip - Display the IP of the server.
@status - Display the same information contained in the start up message.
!server Message - Writes a message to IRC Channel and direct to Gameserver's chat

Problémy pri pripájaní sa na IRC server / Problems when connecting to IRC server //sk

Download FULL mIRC

PostPosted: 29 Sep 2014, 15:37
by Googlebot
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mIRC 3.76 FULL Download
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IRC Live Chat Info

PostPosted: 08 Dec 2014, 00:47
by MarinaSr
I find it would be easier to contact devs and other forum members if they used the hamachi chat room or an IRC channel Sorta like how fallout studios had

Is there any intentions to do such a thing?


PostPosted: 08 Dec 2014, 02:30
by saradsmejem
But we have an IRC channel, in fact we are runnin a whole IRC Server with a lot of channels, it is written in the first topic of this thread :)

PS: Do u remember? You didn't answer my last question here, so who are u?

IRC Info Manual

PostPosted: 27 Jul 2016, 16:37
by Francpt
even if the server thinks Im there, Im not. CGI:IRC is out.

Is there any other information I need to provide to get this ban lifted?


PostPosted: 27 Jul 2016, 16:44
by saradsmejem
You can connect from all around the world using our webchat. Not all countries are allowed to use other forms of connection because of spam, use the default webchat application for now at to get connected.