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BRUT.me Half-Life & MODS ONLINE Gameservers

BRUT.me Half-Life DeathMatch REAL, BRUT.me Half-Life TeamPlay REAL, BRUT.me Opposing Force DeathMatch REAL, BRUT.me Counter Strike 1.6 CLASSIC, BRUT.me Counter Strike 1.6 GUNGAME, BRUT.me Wanted! DeathMatch REAL, BRUT.me Sven Co-Op 4.8 CLASSIC

Moderator: Half-Life Admini

Sekcia fóra venovaná našim BRUT.me Half-Life ONLINE Herným serverom, ak chceš navštíviť sekcie jednotlivých hier Half-Life klikni TU.
Section of forum dedicated to our BRUT.me Half-Life ONLINE Gameservers, if You want to visit sections of Half-Life game and its Mods click HERE.

Predtým, než sa pripojíš, prečítaj si pravidlá, aby sme sa vyhli nedorozumeniam. Vďaka. Príjemnú zábavu a veľa štastia v hre.
Before u connect, read the rules, to avoid misunderstandings. Thanx. Have fun and good luck in the game.

BRUT.me Half-Life DeathMatch REAL:
BRUT.me Half-Life TeamPlay REAL:
BRUT.me Opposing Force DeathMatch REAL:
BRUT.me Counter-Strike 1.6 CLASSIC:
BRUT.me Counter-Strike 1.6 GUNGAME:
BRUT.me Wanted! DeathMatch REAL:
BRUT.me Sven Co-Op 4.8 CLASSIC:
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