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User avatar
saradsmejem - 11 Feb 2019, 12:48
Vitaj :)
User avatar
feropero - 11 Feb 2019, 12:51
User avatar
saradsmejem - 21 Feb 2019, 09:02
@chorypotkan včera som už spal, dnes večer ceesko (y)
User avatar
saradsmejem - 27 Feb 2019, 00:35
@anni ahoj, nic konkretne noveho, popytal som sa, rozhodil siete a uz nam neostava nic len cakat, ak by si aj Ty nieco nove zistila, napis
User avatar
Brut - 18 Mar 2019, 01:56
Ivanych, no, I checked the logs and You were not playing on our server in the last 5 days, just doublechecked the server with a scan, but everything is allright at our side, You had to get it before, be carefull which servers You connect, play only on servers you know!
User avatar
saradsmejem - 18 Mar 2019, 07:44
here is an article about fake servers and the Belonard Troian "Dubbed Belonard, the Trojan named after its developer has been designed to gain persistence, replace the list of available game servers in the vulnerable game client installed on the infected systems, and create proxies to further spread the Trojan."
User avatar
saradsmejem - 01 Apr 2019, 15:07
User avatar
Brut - 22 Apr 2019, 08:38
Pekný Veľkonočný Pondelok prajem :) Veľa vody a dobrej nálady, nech ste všetky zdravé (y)
User avatar
saradsmejem - 25 Apr 2019, 08:03
hastafer čaves
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//for english open the whole News and scroll down

Už dlho sme mali v pláne, že náš BRUT.me Counter Strike 1.6 GUNGAME Server trošku vytuníme a pomeníme poradie zbraní. Doteraz to bolo od najslabšej po najsilnejšiu a posledné 2 levely granát a nôž, ponovom sa začína najsilnejšou awp a končí pištolkami, posledné 2 levely ostali nezmenené.

Celé poradie:
"AWP, SG550, Aug, g3sg1, sg552, scout, M249, AK47, m3, M4A1, FAMAS, Galil, p90, mp5navy, ump45, mac10, tmp, XM1014, Deagle, elite, fiveseven, P228, USP glock18, hegrenade, knife "

Keďže je to dosť výrazná zmena, rozhodli sme sa prit tejto príležitosti resetovať RANK na tomto serveri, ktorý je vlastne jediný, ktorý ma svoj rank, beztak sa v podstate od začiatku oficiálneho spustenie neresetoval. V tabuľke nižšie sa nachádza TOP 10 hráčov. Gratulujem (y) . Najviac výhier v rade mal nejaký Mofoss. v počte 16, ale keďže tu bol len raz a odohral iba tých 16 hier, mám dôvodné podozrenie, že to bol len neodchytený podvodník.

Prajem všetkým príjemnú zábavu a veľa killow skillow :)


We have been planning to tune our BRUT.me Counter Strike 1.6 GUNGAME Server and change the weapon order for a long time.Till now it has been from the weakest to the strongest weapon and the last 2 levels were grenade and knife, now the order begins with the strongest awp and ends with pistols, the last 2 levels remain unchanged.

Full order:
"AWP, SG550, Aug, g3sg1, sg552, scout, M249, AK47, m3, M4A1, FAMAS, Galil, p90, mp5navy, ump45, mac10, tmp, XM1014, Deagle, elite, fiveseven, P228, USP glock18, hegrenade, knife "

Since this is a pretty significant change, we decided to use this opportunity to reset the RANK on this server, which is actually the only one, that has it's own rank, it has not been reset from its official launch. You can find the Top 10 players in the table below. Congratulations (y) . An unknown player named Mofoss had the most wins in a row, in count of 16, but since it was the only one time he was here and played only those 16 games, I have a reasonable suspicion that he was just a snappy cheater.

I wish all fun and lots of kills skills :)


TOP 10
(Počet zabití / Number of kills)

NamePointsTotal WinsWins in a Row
Bang! Kid Karlson8155944
Bang! Hulah74821165

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